Mission for Advancing Theological education (MATE) was born in 1985 out of one man’s love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a desire to see Bible Schools and Seminaries better equipped with much needed books that could enrich the lives of men and women preparing for ministry. This vision of Delvin Alexis was shared with his pastor, Dr. John Moore, and his home church, Willowdale Baptist, who greatly encouraged and supported him.

Many schools and seminaries throughout the Caribbean, Asia and Africa were beneficiaries of books shipped to them in the sum of over 50,000 volumes, in the first 10 years. Some institutions were able to proceed toward acquiring their accreditation with the appropriate additions to their libraries.

To date we have sent over one million volumes to 142 institutions in 44 countries. These books went to Bible schools, seminaries, public schools, universities and hospitals. Some of our larger shipments have been 3,200 volumes to Myanmar
(Burma) and about 20,000 volumes to India. For the next 14 years we saw an explosion in the ministry where an additional arm – Friends Committed to Caring (FCC) – a Health Care Ministry which provides Health Education, Training and Clinical Services was introduced to complement what was already being carried out. Now we are taking medical teams each spring to South America and each summer/fall to Africa to provide clinical services to the community, and professional development for local health care workers.

Other areas of ministry have been to supply equipment, tools and the setting up of projects that will provide employment and assist the nationals in becoming more self- sustainable.

We give God thanks and glory for all that has been, and continues to be, accomplished.

Little is much when God is in it.”